Summer 2021

EARTH PATH programs continue through August

This summer we welcome girls and boys, ages 6-12, for our sharing and gratitude circles; stories and teachings from First Nation’s lore; drumming and music-making; exploring the Hundred Acre Wood; nature crafts and games; plant, bird, and animal studies and much more!

 For more details and programs, please visit 

Contact: Corinne, Co-founder and Program Coordinator, at 819.665.4407 or at: [email protected]


Fall 2021

MARC WALTER’s community sculpture project runs from September 1-10.

Everyone is invited to join Marc onsite from 8am to 4pm daily to help create this monumental artwork that celebrates the power and beauty of trees. No experience necessary!  We’ll meet daily at the entrance to Eco Echo on Highway 105 across from Styrorail. Wear long sleeves/long pants and bring a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle. Sturdy boots or shoes are essential. 

To confirm your interest and availability, please contact Marc at: [email protected] or call 819.459.1802.