Mission Statement-A commitment to our community

Eco Echo offers exceptional learning experiences, inspires lifelong environmental and community stewardship and demonstrates models for sustainable land management. Our mission includes:

  1. Preservation of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the Outaouais region of Québec
  2. Establishing, maintaining and managing protected areas and nature reserves including those with features of natural, scientific, environmental, historical or cultural value, and to encourage scientific research and educational services
  3. Educating the public on the conservation and preservation of the landscape, ecology and wildlife

To fulfill its mission Eco Echo:

  • acts as a catalyst for progressive thought and positive environmental action to support residents of the Outaouais and National Capital Region
  • offers programmes, activities and experiences that encourage people to connect with each other and the natural environment, to nurture connections and share experiences and knowledge with a special focus on youth and intergenerational exchanges
  • develops stimulating opportunities for information exchange among individuals and community stakeholders and resources to engage people in continuous learning
  • provides tools, training and skills to support individuals in taking sustainable and environmentally positive action
  • connects people (rural and urban, aboriginal and non-aboriginal, Canadian and non-Canadian) enabling them to share their heritage and knowledge freely as stewards of the natural environment
  • shares its outdoor laboratory and learning centre with resources and networks that enable people to discover and live in balance with nature