The right project, at the right place and the right time

The Outaouais Environmental Campus has been a partner with the Minnes Farm since 2008. Known as Eco Echo, this unique property borders the southern limit of the La Pêche municipality in Quebec. Eco Echo supports local and national calls for a better environment and embraces and promotes sustainable solutions.

Eco Echo acts as a catalyst for progressive thinking and positive environmental action. It supports the greater Ottawa-Gatineau population by providing learning opportunities, protecting natural and built habitats and inspiring sustainable living practices.

Eco Echo is an outdoor learning and research facility focused on innovative opportunities and answers to environmental challenges facing rural communities. Through its programmes, Eco Echo fosters and nourishes introspection, sharing and a bond with nature and communities.

Eco Echo is committed to developing positive solutions to the complex global challenges we all face. Strong bridges are needed between rural and urban communities to yield a better understanding and appreciation of each reality, all the more so in the face of the growing urbanisation threatening La Pêche.

Eco Echo strongly endorses the Wakefield community’s effort to protect the “Hundred Acre Wood” for permanent land conservation.